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#OccupyAustin: Your Allotted Amount of Free Speech Has Expired!


Occupying Austin must be a really tough gig. Apparently, they do freedom of speech differently in Texas…

Remarks from the person who filmed the video above who asked questions of the deputy about free speech “time limits” in Austin, TX:

So, basically, if you happen upon a group of people with signs, and you decide that you like what they are saying and wish to join in the protest, you don’t technically get your full three hours of free speech per unspecified amount of time.

I wasn’t messing around when I said I had never met some of the people who joined us. One of them saw that we were evicted from the Capitol yesterday, and showed up at the very end of our allotted 3 hours of free speech time, and was told she was part of our “event” and that she would be ticketed and could risk arrest if she didn’t leave.

Dude. That’s messed up.

By the way. My sign said “All children should have access to healthcare, food, and a decent education.” Real revolutionary stuff there. I can see why they wouldn’t want me to talk about that with people for longer than 3 hours per unspecified time frame.

I wonder if the tea party gets their freedom of speech time limited when they gather in Texas?

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